1. Are the vehicles shown on this web site described accurately?

We make every attempt to accurately describe each vehicle posted on our web site, but unfortunately we sometimes make mistakes and an incorrect option or feature of the vehicle is listed in the description. When you locate a vehicle that interests you, our site offers you the ability to e-mail us to check on the equipment, confirm availability, and to arrange a test drive. An in-person inspection by you is the best way to assure that the desired options and features are on the vehicle.

2. Do you have other vehicles not shown on the site?

Yes, recent trades and auction vehicles that have not been through the "system" will not Show up on the website until the all of the information is entered into the system.

3. How are trade-in values determined?

Year, make, model and options as well as miles and condition of the vehicle and what reconditioning (brakes, tune up, glass replacement etc) as well as a complete safety check. True Market Value is determined by a number of factors, Kelly Blue Book, current auction Reports and buy bids we get from wholesalers and other dealerships.

4. If I put money down do I get a better purchase price or interest rate?

Down payment will not result in a better purchase price, it will however lower your payment and It may in certain cases get you a better interest rate.

5. What type of financing is available?

We use Ford Motor Credit Corporation, all of the major banks and Credit Unions. We are a member of CUDL (Credit Union Direct Lending) and do all of the credit union contracts and paper work right at the store.

6. What are the benefits of financing at the dealership?

One stop shopping! No trips back and forth to the bank or credit unions, on occasion we can get you a better interest rate.

7. Can you finance someone with past credit problems?

Yes, we have a Special Finance department we have a lender to fit almost any situation.

8. Should I buy or lease?

That depends on a number of factors. Miles driven per year, how long you keep your vehicles.

9. How long does it take to complete the transaction?

Typically, after you have found the right vehicle, the paperwork should take no more than 30 to 45 minutes. If we are extremely busy there may be more of a wait.

10. What if I buy the vehicle and change my mind the next morning?

Washington State is a contract state and there is no "cooling off period".

11. Can you locate the vehicle I want?

Yes, we have access to and can dealer trade with anyone in our six state region.

12. Do you have a first-time buyers program?